CMLAN Academy

A capacity-building program for CML Patient Advocates

Learn, share and succeed! 
The CMLAN Academy aims to bridge the missing gaps with effective techniques, acquiring the specific knowledge and skills that every successful patient advocate should be equipped with, helping to improve advocacy impact inducing change in the healthcare sector and being considered an equal partner in communication with different stakeholder groups.

CML patient advocates/representatives are eligible to enroll in the CMLAN Academy and take its courses.

Available Courses


Grow your skills and increase your knowledge to better advocate for the people affected by CML

Why enroll in the CMLAN Academy? How and what will you gain from enrolling in the academy?

Blended Learning

Programme combines online educational materials, live online sessions, and opportunities to interact with other patient advocates.

Novice and expert patient advocates

Benefit from learning with the patient community, no matter your expertise.


Advocate in a targeted, evidence-based, well-educated and professional manner. Develop skills to lead change.

Join the community

Just for patient advocates. Ask questions and engage in conversations.