About CMLAN Academy

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CMLAN Academy Online Learning Platform

Turn the theory into practice! Improve your patient advocacy skills!
CML Advocates Network, as an international network, is dedicated to strengthening the capacity of its members of the network by developing and providing the network with meaningful tools serving to achieve their goals more effectively on a national, regional, or even international level.

CML AN has been working hard to establish a long-term program, an international-wide Online Academy, to support CML patient advocates in their efforts in improving the lives of people living with CML across the world, aiming at delivering comprehensive courses on a wide range of relevant topics - striving to enable the network to acquire new knowledge and expand current, learn and build their skills up to a level which will bring a better recognition, increase the advocacy impact in every single corner of the world and help them sustain their organisation.

Online Blended Learning

Creating a new generation of patient advocates and a stronger patient voice.
To bring this learning closer to a broader network of its patient advocates is only achievable by enabling learning no matter which country of the globe they live in. Given the discrepancies between countries, we at CML AN recognized the necessity to bring this program to its members and the Online Academy is suitable for patient advocates who would like to build their skills and acquire knowledge.

New patient advocates need the fundamentals when starting their organizations while expert participants need refinement of those same skills. This was a core idea that led us to establish a program that would support our members to strengthen their capacities and strengthen their voice on their advocacy pathways.

Access to the CMLAN Academy Online Courses is free for CML patient advocates and all CML patient advocates who would like to learn from professionals and experts, no matter where they live, are eligible to enroll in the Online Academy. Access to the course materials, interactive assignments for knowledge retention, and an online community is included at no cost.

CMLAN Academy enables attendance in live webinars, access to recorded materials, engagement in test simulations and self-assessments, joining the community, earning certificates, and more.


CMLAN Academy is hosted by the CML Advocates Network thanks to our supporters providing us with funding. Supporters had no role in the development of this project. Funding was obtained from the following funders: Novartis and Incyte Biosciences International.

Incyte Biosciences International