Building relationship with healthcare professionals | hematologists

Master communication techniques more successfully, aimed at hematologists; improve the effectiveness of conveying key messages; empowering all participants in the field of problem solving in communication with hematologists.
Improve your patient advocacy skills!

Duration: 5 weeks, 5 hours of live online training, 6 + hours of e-learning, +bonus materials

: This course is intended solely for CML and CLL patient advocates/representatives. Places for this course are limited and requires registration via this REGISTRATION FORM


Course Content

In this course you will learn:
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication 
  • Assertive communication
  • Clarity, conciseness and dynamics in speech - impactful communication 
  • The style and structure of the presentation 
  • Orientation to goals 
  • Problem solving techniques

Short overview of what this course will help you achieve

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Duration of each course units:

  • First live online workshop - 2 hours
  • The first segment of materials2+ hours
  • The second segment of materials - 2+ hours
  • Sending a video assignment 
  • The third segment of materials - 2+ hours
  • Second live online workshop - 3 hours

Duration of entire program:

  • 5 Weeks
  • 5 hours in 2 live online trainings/workshops
  • 6+ hours of audio visual and other educational materials in 3 segments

Other educational material:

  • 3 Bonus materials
  • 1 video assignment

Course outline and dates

This course consists of 5 modules/units and is spread over 5 weeks period. Enrollment is just starting.
  • April 27th: Attendance to online workshop: Communication Strategies
    • Presentation of the training program - getting to know each other
    • First impression - the power of introductory sentences
    • Interaction - joint discussion
      Important note: Important note: Live online workshop will be held at live online workshop at 
      12 PM CET | 11 AM BST | 7 PM JST | 8 PM AEST | 6 AM EDT | 6 PM PHST | 3:45 PM NPT | 1 PM EAT | 7 AM ART
  • May 4th: Unlocks Audio-video lessons and other educational material 
    • Introduction – Seven steps to connect patient associations with hematologists
    • CBT techniques: problem solving and assertiveness
    • Clarity, conciseness and dynamics in speech - impactful communication
    • A conversation with Prof. Gianantonio Rosti (part one)
    • Bonus material / textual material; links; literature
  • May 11th: Unlocks Audio-video lessons and other educational material 
    • Non-verbal communication
    • SMART goal, need based negotiation with hematologists
    • A conversation with Prof. Jeffrey H. Lipton (part two)
    • Bonus material/ textual material; links; literature
  • May 16th - 21st: Sending a video assignment
    Video task - prepare on the assigned topic 'Person, not a number' and send for analysis
  • May 25h: Unlocks Audio-video lessons and other educational material
    • The style and structure of the presentation
    • Expanding the strategies for reaching the SMART goal
    • A conversation with Prof. Francois-Xavier Mahon (part three)
    • Analysis of video tasks
    • Bonus material/ textual material; links; literature
  • June 1st: Attendance to live online workshop: Problem solving in communication with hematologists
    • Role-play in pairs > Participants are divided into pairs and, with the help of a moderator, conduct a simulation of a conversation between a representative of the patient association and a doctor
    • Analysis of the lecturer
    • Final impressions with all participants
      Important note: Live online workshop will be held at live online workshop at 
      12 PM CET | 11 AM BST | 7 PM JST | 8 PM AEST | 6 AM EDT | 6 PM PHST | 3:45 PM NPT | 1 PM EAT | 7 AM ART

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Course Instructors


Milica Ristic, MD

Psychiatrist and psychotherapist
Department for sub-acute psychiatric treatment and rehabilitation
Casa di Cura Villa San Giuseppe - Italy
Suore Ospedaliere
Hermanas Hospitalarias
Institute Main Point

Slobodan Roksandic

Communication specialist
Institute Main Point

Marko Milovanovic

President of the Serbian Patients' Forum
Institute Main Point


Andjelka Popadic

Journalist, moderator and PR expert
Institute Main Point

Gianantonio Rosti, MD, PhD

University of Bologna, Italy;
Scientific Direction
IRCCS Istituto Romagnolo per lo Studio dei Tumori (IRST) "Dino Amadori" 

Jeffrey H Lipton, PhD, MD, FRCPC

Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto and Staff Physician on the Leukemia and Allogeneic Blood and Marrow Transplant Services at the Princess Margaret Hospital

François-Xavier Mahon, MD, PhD

Director of the Cancer Center of Bordeaux (Bergonie Institute)

Alumni reviews 

It is very, very useful and it is really an eye opener for me! I’ve learned so many new things and I have come to realise that – it is more comfortable for me to speak in front of a live audience, than to do a recording. So, that’s a new learning for me, because without this course I never realised that’s my case.
Role playing. I really felt how our hematologist felt. This exercise will surely help me with my future conversation with our hematologist. 
This is the first time I am receiving such a training. Being evaluated in terms of seeing my own level motivated me a lot. As of now, I can say that it has completely met my expectations. Thank you to everyone who contributed.